Similar to how vehicle telematics and IoT sensors work, our next-generation hotline system creates a human sensor network that collects non-technical workplace risk observations in order to:

  • Reduce claims and costs by augmenting risk control and loss control programs

  • Improve underwriting accuracy and profitability

  • Reduce the time, effort and cost of mitigating and investigating enterprise-wide risks



Increase profits by providing policy holders with a tool that can uncover unique insights via a “Human Sensor Network.” Our solution helps bridge the gap between enterprise-wide risk control activities and underwriting by engaging the “eyes and ears” of the workforce. Activity data shared by insureds informs both risk ratings and new policy-writing opportunities.


Our solutions help improve the efficiency of loss control visits and support your client's Integrated Risk Management initiatives. Increase differentiation and retention by augmenting your Loss Control offerings with a extensible tool that helps mangers of a wide range of workplace risks mitigate incidents, reduce costs and help keep clients insurable. 


Reduce the time to discovery of developing exposures, highlight leading indicators of controls weaknesses and mitigate potential incidents and/or claims. By making it easier for staff to share actionable observations on a greater variety of policy exposures we unlock latent value in the form of workplace risk intelligence that mitigates primary and follow-on costs.

How It Works

Subject Matter Experts

We engage with a growing cadre of experts with deep experience in the fields of investigations, intelligence gathering, analysis and operations. These experts use our proprietary knowledge capture software to share best practices on how they conduct intake interviews, considering the scenario and issue.

Machine Intelligence

We use proprietary algorithms, including machine intelligence, to construct digitized interviews that ask those who are sharing a concern the right questions, in the right order, at the right time. Our system learns and improves each time our experts add data, adapting to your evolving risk landscape.

Digitized Interviews

Our digitized, expert-driven guided interviews mimic how an expert would conduct an intake interview, uncovering the critical contextual details that generic question lists fail to capture. Like an ATM or airport check-in kiosk, our system effectively augments your key risk management personnel, saving time, energy and effort.



  • Reduced time to discovery

  • Reduced staff and process downtime

  • Reduced time & effort of investigations, root cause analysis and audits

  • Increased underwriting accuracy

  • Revenue recovery through mitigation




Covers issues ranging from spilled liquids and air quality to unsafe practices


Covers issues such as theft, drug use and illegal activity


Covers issues such as data manipulation, unauthorized access and lost/stolen devices

Near Miss Reporting

Coming Soon...a new solution for near miss reporting

Ethics & Fraud

Covers issues ranging from sexual harassment to fraud and controls weaknesses

More Soon...

Let us know about your specific needs.We regularly consider new use cases


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Workplace Risk Intelligence

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NWFC™ Overview

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Quick Read Guide


Mobile Web App

Our mobile web app is available for iOS and Android

Desktop Web App/Form

Available as a desktop app/form for Chrome, Firefox and Safari


Our extensible system can support multiple departments

Guided Interviews

Guided interviews improve results and user experience

InSight Dashboard


Easy to use, context-focused workflow management

Able to integrate with existing dashboards, apps and analytics



Carrie had been in the underwriting field for just over 8 years, long enough to appreciate the significant value being created by the evolution of predictive analytics and machine learning. Looking to continue improving growth and retention ratios, Carrie set about looking for ways to bring in not just more underwriting data, but more usable data. She knew that any analytics or decision support tool on which she relied was only as good as the data feeding it, and that new sources of actionable data were critical.


One area she investigated was data related to Risk Engineering and the developing risk exposures in areas outside of the traditional safety silo, such as cyber security, workplace harassment and fraud. Carrie recognized an opportunity to benefit from the unique data on mitigations captured via NWFC™, which her company viewed as a natural extension of the value added existing Loss Control offerings. Given how NWFC™ can be used to help uncover indicators of emerging risk from multiple verticals (as well as extend to address new risk exposures by industry), Carrie expects this innovative Risktech solution to improve retention and help her grow her book of business.

— Carrie, Underwriting Professional



Helping Build Safe, Secure and Trustworthy Workplace Neighborhoods

Our Mission:
Our mission is to help your entire staff engage more proactively with regard to workplace concerns that impact staff, facilities, product and reputation. We do this by:
  • Providing staff with an easier, more effective and confidential way to share concerns,
  • which increases participation in proactive efforts to prevent and detect issues,
  • creating a greater sense of ownership in the integrity of your organization,
  • leading to a decrease in workplace incidents and associated costs,
  • while ultimately improving morale and helping create a better workplace neighborhood.
​Our Goal:
Increase the well being of individuals and the effectiveness of organizations by helping clients better understand the vital context in which incidents occur and critical decisions are made.


Tel: 734-992-7267

330 East Liberty Street  Lower Level

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Tel: 734-992-7267

330 East Liberty Street

Lower Level

Ann Arbor, MI . 48104

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